Fallout London developers offered jobs at Bethesda, but one turned it down

Two developers for the upcoming Fallout London mod have been offered a job at Bethesda.

The mod, which is a huge single-player mod for Fallout 4, takes players to post apocalyptic London. It looks very ambitious and professional, and Bethesda clearly thinks highly of it, because two developers were given the chance to work at the company itself.

Ryan Johnson, lead technical advisor for the mod, announced he was leaving the mod to work at Bethesda. He’s now an associate level designer for the company. Johnson isn’t the first member of the project to join Bethesda. Stephanie Zachariadis, the lead writer of Fallout London, joined Bethesda last year.

However, Dean Carter, the project lead, turned down his job offer. He was offered a job at the UK studio Double Eleven, which is working on Fallout 76. Carter turned the offer down, choosing to remain working on Fallout London.

Fallout London Announcement

The Fallout London team posted an announcement, revealing the news. It says “It is worth remembering that many people try and use large scale mod projects like this for pure CV padding and routes into the industry. But some people like him do it truly for the community, for the team, for you.”

It also explains that Johnson told them about the job a while ago, so they were able to collate his knowledge to help the team continue his work. The post said “the man’s professionalism and dedication will honestly and truly be missed and felt throughout the team”.

Bethesda is currently working on Starfield, which is set to launch next year. After that, it’s Elder Scrolls VI, which is coming out over a decade since Skyrim. Only after that releases will Bethesda be moving onto Fallout 5, so it may take some time before we see anything about that game revealed.

As for Fallout London, the mod is making good progress. A new trailer recently launched showing off some of the environments and enemies, and it looks very impressive.

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