Fallout 4 – How to Play The Game Without Ever Leaving Sanctuary Hills

Fallout 4 offers a whole world for you to explore, with varied landscapes and desolate towns, why wouldn’t you want to explore and pick it clean? Well if you desire to settle down in sanctuary and create your own little bubble, you now can.

Upon arriving at sanctuary for the first time, it is possible to never leave and develop a growing, thriving community, using a few cheap tricks of course. Before we get into the details, it is vital the you invest any skill points you earn into the INT or CHR tree to earn more XP from what little you get.

fallout 4 sanctuary

The first thing you will need to do is build a radio beacon to attract new settlers, for this you’ll need a crystal or two. Sanctuary is probably one of the best places to hang your hat, but you’ll find little loot there, never mind something as precious as a crystal. You’ll find them most commonly in cameras, but searching through sanctuary will leave you empty handed.

The best way to acquire one within sanctuary would be to search the cellar behind one of the houses, you’ll have to be meticulous as it is easy to miss. In here you’ll discover some basic loot; first aid, a toolbox and generic crates.

With Fallout being an RNG game, most likely you won’t get your desired loot first time. Keep loading your last save and searching through the crates until you come across a crystal liquor decanter, which you can break down and extract the crystal from.

fallout 4 crystal

Build your beacon and of course a generator to keep it running. From here you can focus on other vital objectives such as housing, beds and food. Create your own place to stay first, scrapping all the junk around sanctuary for materials.

Shortly after building your beacon, you’ll find survivors rapidly flock, meaning you’ll be able to share the load between them. After you assigned a few of your neighbors to tato plants or the radio beacon, get to work providing other vitals such as water pumps or defenses.

fallout 4 sanctuary

After you have strategically placed your turrets it’s up to you what happens next. If you are feeling confident, you can explore the outskirts of sanctuary for more supplies, or you can sit and wait for a raider attack and loot them.

If you would like a healthy income of supplies, you can grind up to level 14 and save up 300 caps to make use of the Local Leader perk, but it wont be easy to achieve when your XP income is all by harvesting plants and building shacks.


This is where you will reach a bit of a dead end as your level up requirements are too high for the XP you earn and you’ll have to face a tough decision of staying and hoping that you’ll reach level 14 soon, or leaving sanctuary and gaining more XP, at the risk of your puny life.

As of yet this is the easiest way to thrive in sanctuary and shelter yourself from the dangers outside. It’s tedious and almost doesn’t seem worth the time and effort, but it’s a cool twist on the usual play-style.


Maybe one day someone could actually pull it off. What’s your biggest/best settlement? What advice would you give to someone looking to make their camp habitual? Let us know in the comments section!