Fallout 4 Gets First Official PC Patch, Details Inside

Fallout 4 has been out a little over 3 weeks and it has finally got its first official patch for the PC version. Xbox One and PS4 patches will be released later this week.

Although the game got a couple of beta patches before, this is the first proper patch for the game.

The patch, titled version 1.2, puts together some changes from the previous beta releases and also has some new features added to the mix.


Find the full list of fixes, changes below –

New features

  • Number pad keys can now be used for remapping (PC)
  • Remapping Activate now works on Quick Container (PC)


  • General memory and stability improvements
  • Performance improvements inside the Corvega Assembly Plant
  • Optimizations to skinned decal rendering
  • Fixed issue with player becoming stuck in terminals
  • Fixed issue where equipped weapons become locked after completing Reunions
  • Fixed issue with “When Freedom Calls” where the quest would not complete
  • During “Confidence Man” fixed issue where player’s health would continuously regenerate
  • Fixed crash related to jumping into water and reloading saved games
  • Fixed issue where Launcher would not save God Rays Quality setting properly (PC)


Be warned though, there have been reports that some mods have been broken as a result of using this patch.

However, don’t worry because we’ve an easy fix which should get them working again in no time in case the patch broke them for you.

As you know, most of the mods for the game use a launcher from Nexusmods, which is a massive mod database. The launcher makes using mods a relatively easy affair thanks to its own interface and features.


The patch released yesterday had a new launcher, which unwittingly broke the Nexus Mod launcher and also some other mods. Fret not though, there is an easy fix for this according to Nexusmods forum members. The steps are detailed below –


  • Open Nexus Mod Manager (you will need this!)
  • launch your game, wait in the launcher before starting the game
  • Re-enable the mods using Nexus Mod Manager (you will notice launching disables them)
  • Hit play

The Fallout 4 Script Extender, has also received an updated version but it still relies on the Nexus Mod launcher to work.


Of course, there might still be some mods which will remain broken even after using the fix mentioned above but this should fix the majority of issues. Have you downloaded the patch yet? Is the game working fine? Let us know below.