The Evil Within Gets Censored

The Evil Within gets censored in Japan. News comes from Famitsu as the development team decided to censor the game in-order to reach a wide range of audience. Though Japanese gamers who would like to play the game in full without being censored can do so though a DLC package.

Speaking to Famitsu, the development team spoke of why the decided to censor the game for Japan. Turns out that the rating will be CERO D meaning that gamers who are ages 17 and up can purchase the game. However, this copy will be less bloody than the original intended western release.

While the game won’t have any difference in terms of story, it will be less gory than the foreign version. Reasons behind this was that Japan would lose out on several advertising opportunities.¬†Gamers can still receive the full blood filled version through downloading the DLC. it’s unknown if the game will cost as much as the western release or how much the DLC will run gamers.