Hack Developer Wants To Handle The Final Fantasy VII Remake

Great new for FF fans! During an interview with Hiroshi Matsuyama, president regarding Naruto Storm Revolution, he was asked about the future of CC2 titles, his answer were very suprising.

We all know CyberConnect2 is currently working on a mobile game version of Final Fantasy VII. Hiroshi Matsuyama answer reveal his interest during the interview.

After Naruto and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure do you fit another manga or you prefer to work on a project like the original hacks.?

For now I’m really dedicated to adaptations of Naruto and JJBA. Working on a new project requires more time as was the case. The .Hacks came out of the minds of teams at CyberConnect2. However, if I have to work on another project I’d like to work on a possible remake of Final Fantasy 7

Its very surprising considering die hard fans being asking for a remake for a decade. It is nice to see other publisher out there felt the same way and want to deliver what the fans want!