Everything You Need to Know About PlayStation Share Play

Since the announcement of Sony’s PlayStation Share Play, there has been a bit of confusion as to how it exactly works. With some digging around and finding Sony’s statements, here is everything you need to know about the PlayStation Share Play feature.

PlayStation Share Play is a new feature coming out for the PlayStation 4 in a future update. With PlayStation Share Play, friends who own a certain video game title that you wish to play can do so by receiving an invitation from the person who actually owns the game on their PlayStation 4 console.

Though you can play the game completely free, you will only get 60 minutes spurts but it was not announced if there is a cool down before the next 60 minute start up. Continuing on with the limit, those sharing the content will not be able to save the game.

Not only will gamers get the ability to play the singplayer aspect of the game but enjoy local co-op of a game. It is unknown if the 60 minute time limit for PlayStation Share Play is also in effect for the local co-op aspect as well.