PlayStation 4 Claims Victory for July NPD, Remains ‘The Leader for Next Generation Consoles’

According to July NPD report, for seven straight months, the PlayStation 4 has been the best-selling console in the United States. Sony previously announced the PS4 sold 10 million Units Worldwide for nine month’s.

The PlayStation 4 was #1 in sales, beating its rival the Xbox One  for the seventh consecutive month and remains the leader for next generation consoles.

As for next-gen software sales,  The Last of Us Remastered was the best-selling overall game. PS4  games “accounted for more than half of total next generation software sales.”

PS4 and the PS3  hardware sales combined outsold is rival, both Xbox 360 and Xbox One for the second consecutive month. More than 30 million software video games on PS4 have been sold in retail stores globally and through digital downloads on PS Store.


Here are the top 10 software sales for the US for the month of July, 2014. As always, remember that the platforms listed next to each title are in order of best-selling SKU to worst:

  • 1.) The Last of Us (PS4, PS3)
  • 2.) Minecraft (360, PS3)
  • 3.) FIFA 14 (360, PS4, XBO, PS3, PSV)
  • 4.) Watch Dogs (PS4, 360, PS3, XBO, PC)
  • 5.) Mario Kart 8 (NWU)
  • 6.) Call of Duty: Ghosts (XBO, 360, PS4, PS3, NWU, PC)
  • 7.) Grand Theft Auto V (360, PS3)
  • 8.) Sniper Elite III (PS4, XBO, 360, PS3)
  • 9.) NBA 2K14 (360, PS3, PS4, XBO, PC)
  • 10.) Lego Marvel Super Heroes (360, PS3, 3DS, DS, PS4, NWU, XBO, PSV, PC)