Every Map In Battlefield 2042, Ranked From Worst To Best

Half of the enjoyment in Battlefield 2042 comes from the epic map designs that we run around and cause chaos in.

The seven sprawling maps in Battlefield 2042 are the largest we’ve ever seen from DICE’s shooter. Sadly, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best we’ve ever seen. While some show glimmering signs or greatness, plenty of them fall short due to their ridiculous sizes.

Here is every single map in Battlefield 2042 ranked from worst to best.

Credit: EA/DICE

7 – Hourglass

Bang slap at the bottom of the list is Hourglass. It’s a shame, because this looked like one of the most promising maps when shown in the original reveal trailer. It’s set in the desert of Qatar with a partially buried stadium to the south, a shining row of highrises to the north, and an oasis village in the west.

The biggest problem with Hourglass is its sheer size. Sure, it’s great for accommodating 128 players, but it also means that you end up spending a great deal of time running between objective points. Because the map is set in a desert, there’s barely any cover to sit behind during that traversal. It’s incredibly dull to walk in a straight line between objectives. Get caught by a tank or helicopter and there’s nowhere to run. 

The sandstorm that rolls in, while visually impressive, has also been done several times over in Battlefield games – it’s nothing new. If Hourglass was much smaller and more focused, it would be a far more enjoyable map to play in Battlefield 2042.

Credit: EA/DICE

6 – Manifest

Next up is Manifest. This map has the opposite problem of Hourglass where the map is so dense that 128 players becomes ridiculously chaotic. It’s set in a port of Singapore with mazes of containers marking out most of the objective sites. 

Invoking serious Noshahr Canals vibes from Battlefield 3, this is actually a saving grace of the map. The added verticality isn’t so much that you’re constantly being killed from above, which is more than can be said for some other maps on this list.

Credit: EA/DICE

5 – Breakaway

Next up is Breakaway, the biggest map on Battlefield 2042’s map roster. Set in Antarctica,  it’s also one of the prettiest locales you can visit – if you like frozen wasteland, that is.

I like Breakaway because of how diverse its capture points are. There’s steep ice cliffs to weave in and out of as infantry. Alternatively, you can sit up high and snipe from above at the massive research station. Vehicles have lots of time to shine here too due to its massive size. Sadly, that’s also this map’s biggest downfall. Just like Hourglass, you spend a great deal of time just wandering between capture points. Not exactly the most riveting of gameplay.

Credit: EA/DICE

4 – Orbital

Orbital is the map that we’ve seen the most of since we spent plenty of time with it in the open beta. As such, it’s one of the better maps of the bunch due to DICE receiving the most feedback about it. It’s a medium sized map, but the varied terrain at least makes traversal semi-interesting.

Much like Breakway, the capture points all vary pretty distinctly. The capture point above the rocket silo and at the base of the launch sites are particular favourites. I also like the route underneath the runway that creates some decent routes and choke points through the map. It might seem unfair, but the fact that we’ve played most of this map knocks it down a notch on this list. It does feel a little repetitive at this point.

Credit: EA/DICE

3 – Discarded

Discarded earns instant points for having an awesome looking setting. It revolves around a beached container ship that’s run aground in an Indian basin. While another relatively large map, the various amounts of debris and scrap mean that there’s always at least a little bit of cover to use while on foot. That’s all while leaving enough space for vehicles to manoeuvre around too. 

Of all the maps on this list, it certainly feels the most like Battlefield. It would have been cool to see some sort of levolution event where the tide comes in and floods the place, but that’s just me being nitpicky. 

Credit: EA/DICE

2 – Kaleidoscope

Now we’re getting to the really good ones. I like Kaleidoscope perhaps because it’s the most focused of the bunch. It doesn’t go for massive scale and instead lays out objective points in a more traditional manner. While it feels more manufactured than other maps in Battlefield 2042, it’s far more enjoyable from a gameplay perspective.

From a nostalgic perspective, Kaleidoscope gives me big Siege of Shanghai vibes from Battlefield 4. None of the towers can actually fall down, but wing suiting off of them hasn’t yet gotten old. The only reason this map isn’t at the top of the list is because of how chaotic the rooftop battles can get, which is a shame.

Credit: EA/DICE

1 – Renewal

Topping out the list is Renewal, mostly because of its fairly unique design. From above, it’s the most striking visually, too. A huge wall splits the map in two with one side hosting an arid desert and the other lush green pastures. It’s almost two maps in one with each side offering totally different gameplay scenarios.

It’s not totally perfect – it’s by far the flattest map of the bunch with barely any verticality at all. However, the building interiors offer some of the best infantry gameplay that Battlefield 2042 can offer. You may like this map less if you’re one for vehicles, but players who like to shoot their enemies in the old school way will love Renewal.

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[Featured Image Credit: EA/DICE]