Edge Rumor – PlayStation 4 Revealed

The past 24 hours have seen a bevy of reports regarding Sony’s yet to be announced console – ‘The PlayStation 4’. The company released  a trailer tease about the Future of Paystation which will be announced on February the 20th.

Development  source  with knowledge  who acquire the permission to witness something that is unprecedented  put a test on both next generation consoles, the Xbox 720 and the PlayStation 4. They believe the  PlayStation 4  will be  far superior  than the next Xbox and it will have higher power.

The PS4 will launch with a new controller design by the end of the year in Japan and in the US.  while the  European  territories will have it in early 2014. Sony is gearing up to reveal its next powerful machine PlayStation on Wednesday February the 20th as  they release a trailer tease that will held ‘see the future’ last night.

Down Below you will see what to expect about the  PlayStation 4.

The controller

A report confirmed the  PS4  will have a  redesigned LCD controller. It will be the  same size as  DualShock 3. The controller will feature  a small touchpad in place the Select, Start and PS buttons.

There will be a new Share button on the controller that will let you launch a new feature that allow screenshots and video to let you diverge online.The PS4 hardware  will allow you  to record the first 15 minutes of onscreen  footage which will give the users the ability to edit and broadcast via the Internet.

The PS4 launch

As we stated above, the  PlayStation 4 will launch in Japan and the US in Christmas holiday  while the  Euro  will have  in early 2014 launch.  Sony will also introduce a new improved iteration of its PlayStation Eye peripheral,  which will be compatible with the Move controller.

The specification

The PS4 will offer  4GB, and GDDR5  which will  capable of moving data at 176 gigabytes per second.  The PS4 will be powered by eight-core AMD CPUs clocked at 1.6GHz and will be utilising a more capable solution in AMD’s ‘R10XX’ architecture, alongside the so-called ‘Liverpool’ system-on-chip. One source confirmed  Sony’s console is “slightly more powerful” and “very simple to work with”  than its competitors..

With all these details flowing by, and Sony looking set to throw a few surprises during their February 20 event, all eyes will be set on what their move will be. We’ll be there to bring all the latest news to our PlayStation fans, be sure to bookmark our PS4 category for all the latest news and updates.