EA Says Battlefield 2042 ‘Didn’t Meet Expectations’ In Earnings Call

In an earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson has said the launch of Battlefield 2042 “didn’t meet expectations”.

EA’s biggest titles like FIFA or Apex have continued to be huge hits. However, Battlefield failed to make the impact EA was hoping for. The game, which launched last November, tried to deliver huge multiplayer battles with dynamic weather, unique characters and ambitious modes like Portal.

Many players feel the game missed the mark. The game was missing features like an in-game scoreboard. Hit registration was broken, and there was arguably an all-around sense the game was incomplete.

Battlefield 2042 – Response From EA

EA responded to the state of the game in the earnings call, explaining why they think it failed to meet expectations. “Battlefield 2042 was always an ambitious game, and our teams pushed to innovate across many dimensions”, explained Wilson.

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Credit: DICE/EA

He continued by saying, “Developing this game with our teams working from home for nearly two years ultimately proved to be challenging. Through our processes for testing and preparation, we believed the experience was ready to be put in our players’ hands.

“We launched with strong stability; however, as more players experienced the full game, it became clear there were unanticipated performance issues that we would need to address. Some of the design choices we made with the game also did not resonate with everyone in our community.”

Despite the game’s struggles, EA says it is still committed to the game and plans to support it into the future.

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[Featured Image Credit: EA/DICE]