EA Provides Another Glimpse Into Battlefield 2042’s Destruction

As EA continue to lay the narrative groundwork, players got another look at Battlefield 2042’s destruction in new map screenshots released this week.

The upcoming shooter is beginning to build up hype, after months of relative silence. Last week, Battlefield began to release short story details, in the lead up to its short film. While these story snippets gave us a sneak peek into some of 2042’s narrative setup and Specialists, it also included a series of pictures of its maps. 

The latest, however, has showcased exactly how far destruction will go. The map in question is Orbital, which features prominently in Battlefield 2042’s gameplay trailer. Mid-match the rocket can launch, changing the environment. Battlefield 2042’s destruction and dynamic environmental change are at the heart of its map designs. But so far we’ve only had gotten a glimpse of a tornado in the gameplay trailer.

YouTube video

Battlefield 2042’s Destruction Gets Ready To Blast Off

The premise throwing Battlefield’s world into disarray is a mixture of environmental disasters and internet blackouts. Orbital’s rocket site is located in French Guiana and is a supposed illegal attempt from the U.S. to get eyes back in the sky after all satellites were wiped out. 

Credit: EA/ DICE

It’s nice to see Battlefield putting story emphasis behind its maps, considering the base game will be missing a traditional campaign. EA has promised that they will continue to tell its story through the series most “extensive” post-launch support. 

Industry insider Tom Henderson posted comparison picture between what will be the beginning and end of a match on Orbital. The tweet shows how detailed Battlefield 2042’s destruction will be.

Credit: Twitter

An open beta test will reportedly launch in September, so players will hopefully be able to get a glimpse at the destruction like that showcased in Orbital. Battlefield 2042 is scheduled to release on October 22nd across Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

How extensive do you think 2042’s destruction will be? Let us know over on our social channels! 

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Featured Image Credit: EA/ DICE