Dota 2’s Newest Hero Is A Very Tall Woman With A Massive Hammer

Continuing the trend of adding extremely tall women into video games, Dota 2’s latest hero is the lofty Dawnbreaker.

She arrived in the 7.29 gameplay patch last week and fills the role of a melee carry character. According to Valve, Dawnbreakers backstory is that she was molded from the material of a young star with the purpose of ‘spreading wisdom’ across the known universe. How she achieves this with an oversized hammer is lost on me, but here we are.

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know exactly how tall Dawnbreaker is. Nor how big her feet are, since that’s something we apparently need to know these days. I imagine both numbers are high, though.

The Dawnbreaker & 7.29 Gameplay Update
Credit: Valve

What are her abilities?

Dawnbreaker brings a unique set of abilities to the table. Starbreaker sees the hero whirl her hammer around three times, dealing attack and bonus damage in a circle with each swing. On the third round, she smashes the hammer in front of her, heavily damaging and stunning enemies in her path.

With Celestial Hammer, Dawnbreaker hurls her hammer in a straight line, dealing damage along the way. Once the hammer reaches its destination, it can then be returned to Dawnbreaker at any time – much like Thor can with Mjolnir in Marvel’s Avengers. Interestingly, Dawnbreaker can also pull herself towards the hammer, opening up the ability to some interesting movement tactics.

League of Legends VS Dota 2 - BUFF
Credit: Valve

The Luminosity attack deals three consecutive blows to an enemy in the run up to a final critical attack. This final attack will deal massive damage, and a portion of that will be converted into healing energy for nearby teammates.

Dawnbreakers ultimate seems extremely powerful in the right hands. Solar Guardian marks a circular area with a pulsing field of energy. The waves deal damage to enemies and heal your teammates. Dawnbreaker can mark this location from anywhere on the map, so she doesn’t need to be anywhere near a teamfight for it to be useful. After a short duration, she’ll teleport directly to the energy field, dealing massive damage and stunning enemies as she performs a superhero landing.

Other changes

The hero arrives with a host of other changes to Dota 2. Several of the map areas have been tweaked to alter Safe Lanes and Ward Spots. A Water Power Rune has also been added which instantly restores 100 health and 80 mana when consumed.

Dota 2 recently received an animated Netflix adaptation in the form of Dota: Dragon’s Blood. It’s been received well so far with a 92% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

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[Featured Image Credit: Valve/Disney]