The Division Looks Absolutely Stunning Running At 1440p/60 FPS

There’s a way to make The Division look even better on your PC if it’s powerful enough. All you need to do is use a few tricks which aren’t that hard to achieve.

Image: VicenteProD

A Youtuber has found the perfect way to do this by smartly altering the camera angles and using some rather neat depth of field effects. These effects were applied into the game by a guy called HattiWatti, who was part of the official team responsible for building the Battlefield Cinematic Tools.

We have captured some moments from the video for your viewing pleasure –

It almost looks photo-realistic

Image: VicenteProD

Look at those particle effects

Image: VicenteProD

Who else thought this was a real car?

Image: VicenteProD

Someone call the police!

Image: VicenteProD

Now that’s a good looking character model if there ever was one

Image: VicenteProD

The video below by VicenteProD will give you a better idea about the new improved visuals that can be achieved by doing this. He used a third party camera tool and changed some in-game settings to get the desired results.

YouTube video