Details on ‘The Last of Us’ Demo

In order to get the free demo for The Last of Us, you need to have the game God of War: Ascension. Access it through to the main menu of Ascension, and it should direct you to the demo in the PlayStation store where you can start downloading the demo.

Here’s a quick run down but what’s it all about:

  • The demo is 132 MB
  • Takes place on the Outskirts level
  • The level features Joel, Ellie and Tess
  • You’ll encounter Runners and Clickers enemy types
  • You can explore the surrounding environment to search for items and objects to fend them off with
  • (update) Once downloaded and installed you have to sit through another install screen when you load up the demo. Takes about 15 minutes.

As long as the PlayStation store is running, the demo should be available to download.  Enjoy!