Details on ‘The Last of Us’ Demo

In order to get the free demo for The Last of Us, you need to have the game God of War: Ascension. Access it through to the main menu of Ascension, and it should direct you to the demo in the PlayStation store where you can start downloading the demo. Here’s a quick run down … Read more

The Last Of Us Demo Not Playable Due To Error Code 80023017

Gamers with God of War: Ascension can start playing The Last Of Us demo today. The demo is a small download and the game will use files already present on the God of War disk. The demo contains two locations and two very different styles of gameplay. There are no real spoilers except one new character … Read more

2013: PS3 Exclusives List

This is the 2013 PS3 exclusives list, which will be updated periodically. If any titles have been missed, please let us know in the comments below. Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk Publisher: Tecmo KOEI Developer: Gust Release Date: March 5 2013 (NA), March 8 2013 (EU), June 28 2012 (JP) Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk is … Read more

God of War Designer Says Kratos Still Has Life

During an interview with lead designer Mark Simon , he  informed CVG there’s still life in Kratos. In a recent  news, Sony Santa Monica has confirmed God of War era on PS3 has end. They are now ready to takes their journey to the PS4. “I think there’s still life in Kratos. He’s a fun character to design games … Read more

God of War era on PS3 has end, Sony Santa Monica on PS4

God of War Ascension will be the last chapter in God of War series to appear on the PlayStation 3. The game will be release March 12. With all their effort and focus towards God of War Ascension has come to an end, Sony Santa Monica are now ready to take their journey on the PS4. During an interview between Eurogamer and lead game designer Mark … Read more

God of War: Ascension Trophy List

God of War: Ascension’s trophy list has leaked a week ahead of the game’s March 12th debut in North America. The trophy list is courtesy of this YouTube user and TSC. Check them out below.  Hidden  Hidden  Hidden  Hidden  Hidden  Hidden  Hidden  Hidden  Hidden  Hidden  Hidden  – Prison Break (Free Kratos from his imprisonment)  – … Read more