More Details On The Next Xbox Consoles Emerge, Including Potential Release Date

We’ve been hearing rumours about the development of the next Microsoft console for a while now, and now it seems a new slew of information has been released thanks to Windows Central.

Just to catch you up, it was confirmed by Microsoft’s Phil Spencer that “Xbox consoles” are in the works back at E3 this year, and it’s believed that one of these will be disc-less.

Credit: Microsoft

Earlier this year, sources reported that at least one of the new consoles was being developed under the codename “Scarlett.”

However, Windows Central now believes the two consoles are being dubbed “Lockhart” and “Anaconda,” with Lockhart being a cheaper console similar to the Xbox One S, and Anaconda being more powerful – similar to the Xbox One X.

The sources have also suggested that Anaconda might also be serving as a dev kit.

Credit: Microsoft

Interestingly, there could be a change to the way we physically play games, as Microsoft is apparently looking at different ways to utilise its technology to reduce loading times – potentially with SSD storage.

It’s also being reported that the new Xbox consoles will be fully compatible not only with your Xbox One library, but also with your Xbox 360 library and your your original Xbox games. Hooray!

Credit: Microsoft

A new platform is also apparently being developed by Microsoft, and it’s called “GameCore.” It’s set to be a part of Windows Core OS, and will eventually be supported by the consoles when ready. Alongside this, Microsoft is also working to create ways for gamers to play their games on their phones and tablets by connecting a controller.

As for a release date?

It’s likely we’re looking at the very end of 2020 for the new “core” consoles. As for the streaming-only console, that could launch as early as 2019 if rumours are to be believed.

None of this has been either confirmed or denied by Microsoft, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.