Destiny Review Round Up

Bungie’s next big video game release since the Halo series is upon us. Destiny takes gamers into the future during a post-apocalyptic world. Here is the complete Review Round Up for Destiny.


Ever so often a game is released that changes the expectations of gamers. It changes the way we look at the genre, and becomes that one game everyone is playing. If you aren’t playing it there’s a level of jealousy those would be players have against everyone else. We haven’t had one of those types of games in a long time. We’ve had a ton of games that modify the way we enjoy certain things about the genre. The last time gaming felt truly revolutionized was Halo 2 (no I don’t count the Wii). With Bungie being behind the last truly great revolution, it seems only fitting they do it once more with their latest franchise Destiny.

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There are few games that can say they've changed the face of a genre forever, but it's no exaggeration to say that Halo did. Many of the mechanics it introduced became commonplace, and it almost single-handedly defined the console shooter. The first new IP from Bungie since Halo and one of the most expensive games ever made, Destiny has a lot of expectations riding on it. Is it another Halo? That question isn't as easy to answer because despite the similarities, Destiny is very much its own beast.

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Since the first vague details were leaked onto the web three years ago, people have been struggling to describe Destiny. With its constant action and grand space opera narrative, it is definitely a science fiction shooter. But, players also start with a basic character, which they then customise and upgrade with new weapons, armour and items, so it is definitely a role-playing adventure. And then it is a massively multiplayer online game too, because wherever you go in Destiny – and you can go to Earth, the Moon, Venus, Mars and elsewhere in the solar system – you bump into other players having their own adventures.

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It’s rare when the launch of a new IP seems like an event. Sure, there’s always a special feeling around the latest Call of Duty or World of Warcraft expansion, but those are firmly established franchises. Even though Destiny was revealed just a year ago, its launch seems like a can’t miss experience, the hype of which has crossed over from the gaming world into mainstream society. Perhaps the biggest question on most people’s minds, however, is what -is- Destiny? With an unrivaled marketing budget, Activision and Bungie have paraded the title around like it will metamorphosize the industry, but seem to be avoiding the gameplay itself. Now that we’ve finally been able to dig deep inside the final product, it’s time to answer that question once and for all. 

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Activison went with the more-is-more approach with Destiny - to the tune of US$500 million. Between live action trailers, a Google Street View-style map of the planets players can visit, and all manner of gameplay trailers, press releases, and previews, it’d have taken a concerted effort to not hear something about the game in the last few weeks.

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It's somewhat ironic that Bungie makes a big deal about how "alive" Destiny is, because of all the games I've played recently, few feel quite so static and cold. Indeed, the overly hyped deal between Halo's creators and Activision has been home to all manner of pretentious attempts to call an orange a banana - it's not an MMO, it's a "shared-world shooter" in a "mythic science fiction" universe. Except it's not really those things. At its core, Destiny is an MMO, in a derivative science fiction universe.

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