Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Review Round Up

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is an updated version of Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate. Included i nthe update is the Hyper version, four new characters along with the debut character known as Xu Shu which appeared in Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires. Here is the Review Round Up for Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate.

Considering I found Warriors Orochi 3 to be one of the best Dynasty Warriors / Musou titles yet when it originally released, you’d be right to assume that I enjoyed the heck out of this port for new-gen, last-gen, and PS Vita. Dubbed Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, this version features the content of the first release, and the subsequent Hyper release for Wii U. There’s a few more extras included as well, with new characters, modes, and a host of tweaks to improve the overall experience. As opposed to the paltry additions found in Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, this feels like well-rounded, fully-featured experience regardless of whether you’ve played the original.

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The Warriors series is like Call of Duty or the NHL sports franchises, as in you know there is going to be a new game every year. It might be called Dynasty, Samurai, Gundam or Orochi, but we all know one is coming out. This year we have Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, a game that has been eagerly awaited for by Tecmo Koei fans for some time now. Will it offer anything new to the formula, or is it another simple DLC collection cash-in?

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Rather than being an adaptation of historical or semi-historical battles, the Warriors Orochi series takes the casts of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors and has them team up in huge battles against new mythological foes. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate follows the cast as they're under attack by a multidimensional Hydra. This beast is so powerful and its attacks so quick and deadly that it slaughters most of the heroes. The survivors must team up with mystic woman Kaguya to travel back in time to build an army to face the Hydra and prevent the destruction of multiple worlds.

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After its release in 2011, Fifty Shades of Grey shook things up. Never before had fanfiction been so outrageously popular. Literature purists decried Fifty Shades as being talentless drivel, but that didn’t stop legions of readers from devouring the book and its sequels. People didn’t care whether Fifty Shades of Grey was “good” or not—they loved it all the same.

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Nearly three years ago, Warriors Orochi 3 hit the Japanese shores to much anticipation. Mashing the two worlds of Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors into one complete and utter crazy, time traveling package, the third installment was met with positive reception. Since then, Omega Force has ported the game to the PlayStation Portable and Wii U, and now that the company is familiar with a new set of platforms, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Adding additional content to the main game and enhancing the visuals, Warriors Orochi 3 has never looked so strong.

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Just a few months ago I was mentioning how hard it was to believe that there were more than 40 games available in the Dynasty Warriors franchise. Since then, when I reviewed Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition for Sony’s Vita, we have reviewed another entry with Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn. Here we are again, just a few weeks after that with yet another one, Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate. Does it ever end? I surely hope not, although I can imagine this one will keep me busy for a long long time to hold me over until the next release.

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