Destiny Players Submit Fun Character Designs For Fashion Magazine

Bungie unveiled its Destiny 2 fashion magazine last week, and since then players have been submitting their awesome Guardian looks.

The magazine marks the first gaming fashion magazine. With the hundreds of armour sets that make up Destiny 2’s loot, there are a ton of options when it comes to fashion. Especially when you consider the different armour sets for Warlock, Titan and Hunter.

The Threads of Light hashtag on Twitter revealed a lot of Destiny players submitting their looks. And just a quick glance over those looking to get involved, and you get why Bungie started a Destiny 2 fashion magazine in the first place.

Credit: Twitter


It’s been a good time for Destiny players as a reworked Trials of Osiris returned, in the best state its ever been in.

As an on-and-off again Destiny player, I can appreciate the work that some players put into their armour sets. The work is clearly evident in @Nogora22, who has collected a Vex inspired armour set for their Titan. With the help of the Forty-Four Steel shader, Nogora was able to match the rustic look of their Goblin mask.

Credit: @Nogora22

However, for somethign a little more dapper, @BongoBilks showed off their Hunter’s swag. Their design includes some of Destiny’s more casual apparel that have made it into the game. With a slick pair of white trousers, and a dark brown leather jacket handing over the back this guardians will be dominating the universe in style.

Credit: @BongoBilks

The Threads of Light fashion magazine has been a big hit with Destiny 2’s community. It acts as a celebration of those that are really passionate about the looter shooter. And the options for design is about to become even more diverse. With The Witch Queen arriving this February, new armour sets will make up the Threads of Light submissions.

Are there any Threads of Lights submissions that caught your eye? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Bungie