Destiny 2 Is Launching A Fashion Magazine, Because Why Not

A Destiny 2 fashion magazine called Threads of Light will be a digital showcase of the game’s best looking Guardians.

So much of Destiny 2 is about accruing the best weapons and gear to take on a solar system of aliens. But on so many other levels, it is about creating a Guardians that is as legendary as some of the commanders you take orders from. And a lot of that comes down to the look of your Guardians.

To celebrate those players that fashion impressive armour collections, Destiny is launching a fashion magazine. Threads Of Light will be the game’s first digital fashion magazine. In fact, it may be the first fashion magazine for any game ever.


Fashion has steadily bled its way into the world of gaming. Just this week Fortnite announced a collaboration with Balenciaga. And I can’t stop thinking about how cool Colt’s jacket looks in Deathloop. However, Destiny takes fashion to a whole new level.

With hundreds of armour sets and combinations to be made, Destiny 2 players can really forge their own look. And considering Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters all feature different looks and unique armour, there is plenty to play around with.

Credit: u/kosher_bell

Destiny players have been showing off their unique looks for years over on Reddit. The /r/DestinyFashion subreddit, doesn’t just share the look, but also how other Guardians can acquire it. With The Witch Queen expansion arriving in February, there will be plenty of new armour types to spice up your Guardian’s look.

Destiny teased the project on Twitter this week, but didn’t state when the magazine would drop. Bungie stated that the magazine would be “celebrating [the] community’s creativity and showcasing the best guardian fashion styles.”

Will you be taking a peek at the hottest Destiny 2 fashion when Threads of Light releases? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Feature Image Credit: Bungie