Destiny Plans for Advanced Graphics and Beta Testing

In today’s weekly update of the upcoming Destiny title, developers Bungie gave some information on the highly anticipated game.

Turns out, what we’ve been seeing so far is not the finished product. Bungie states:

“What you have seen is not even our final form.”

It has been announced that beta testers can broadcast their gameplay, and they have a possibility of being in the game’s story. Rumors have also indicated that the testing might start in two months.


We will do far more than allow you to share your glorious war stories from the frontier. We’ll amplify your voices, if they are brave. Some of you will even be selected to play a role in our stories, as we go to war with (and against) our community in the wild for the first time. That will be as glorious a moment for us as it will be for you. Watch this space. We have plans within plans within plans.

Destiny, after all, is a thing to be shared.

It is pretty cool that Bungie is giving players a chance to become part of their story. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a video game?

We have not obtained confirmation of when the beta testing will start, but we will keep you updated. Keep checking back for more information on Destiny.