Crytek: Crysis 3 Engine Presentation

On Crysis 3 Community Day, Sean Tracy decided to show us a presentation of the CryENGINE 3  that you can also find in the upcoming game Crysis 3.

Sean showed us some things we have already seen at E3, such as the Canyon level, which shows one of the new particle systems (particle shading and lighting). The new particle system makes the game look fantastic, with vibrant colors to paint the world you are playing in.

Gameplay Features & Special Effects

  • When you press Ctrl + G, you will automatically be put into the game with your weapon more quickly.
  • New particle shading and lighting system, which makes the game look more realistic.
  • New details have been added, such as seeing objects in your scope without zooming.
  • Tessellation is not being used for the game. Instead, pixel accurate displacement mapping (padm) is being used to put more details into objects, such as trees.
  • New 3D composite lens flares for lighting are being used.
  • Reflections and ripples in water have become more detailed.
  • New point highlight has been added.
  • Area lighting has become more accurate and realistic.
  • More realistic textures have been added.
  • Volume fog now casts shadows instead of holding them.
  • New vegetation improvements have been added, such as realistic wind and character movement causing vegetation to move.

Watch the presentation:

YouTube video