Couple in Tunisia Win An Actual Cow After High Score in Mobile Farming Game

Yes. And no, I’m not kidding, look again. Yes, seriously. Why? Because Tunisia.

How? Well, it’s simple. The couple won the cow after obtaining a high score on the mobile game Bagra. In Bagra (it means “cow” in Arabic), you use UFO’s to abduct a number of cattle just minding their own business in a field. The more cattle you abduct, the more points you get.

Apparently, the couple managed to play so much that they were the top scoring players of the game. The game’s designers, DigitalMania, decided that a fitting prize for such an achievement would be an actual, real life cow. This development was then covered by the website Tuniscope, and from there, has quickly become rather popular around the web.

The cow in question (shown below) is a black-and-white spotted beauty known as Pamela. Isn’t she gorgeous?


Some of you may also be wondering as to how exactly the couple actually managed to receive Pamela. That’s also easy to answer: they loaded her up on a pickup truck and drove her home. The video below shows a number of (probably) experienced cow-movers at work to ensure Pamela’s safe transportation to her destination.

YouTube video

But wait, there’s more!


That incredibly happy face you see above? You too could very well share a similar one.

DigitialMania has stated they already have the successor to Pamela lined up, and her name is Brigitte. They’ve went even further than before with the options you have, and now you can either have her delivered, donate her to a non-profit, or get a cow’s worth of raw meat instead (Brigitte may or may not be harmed in the making of this meat).

If I were you, I’d get in on it while the getting is good. The game is available to download via Google Play, and who knows how much longer this once-in-a-life-time offer could last.