Console repairmen explain why Cockroaches love to infest PS4s

Cockroaches like to live in small, confined places. They’ll eat just about anything they can come across, and once they start to lay eggs it’s game over. Cockroaches love to infest PS4’s, to a point where you’ll even find guides online about how to cockroach-proof your console. Why is it that they like PlayStation so much?

The PS4’s power supply is the perfect little home for cockroaches, it’s easy for them to crawl inside of it and when your system is on it’s got free heating for the roaches. They’ll start to breed and defecate in the system, and eventually it screws up the circuit boards and fries your console.

image: youtube

It won’t light up, it won’t do anything, it’ll just be dead. If you send it to Sony, even under warranty, they open it up and check for roaches right away. If there’s signs of a roach infestation, you’re out of luck. Some repair shops are willing to fix this for their customers, and some aren’t.

Here’s what a PS4 repair shop had to say about this surprisingly common issue:

“We fix quite a few of these. It’s not my favorite repair, but we do it because it’s a needed service.” – TronicsFix

Here’s a video showing what it looks like after roaches have decided to make your PS4 their new home: