CoD: Vanguard’s Bugged Armour Plates Make You A Super Soldier

Call of Duty: Vanguard players were unhappy to find a glitch with the game’s armour plates recently.

The Armour Plates field upgrade appears to be making players way harder to kill than they should. Call of Duty usually has pretty fast time-to-kill, so this was pretty jarring for some players.

Many CoD players took to social media to ask about the armour plates, including many pros. The consensus seems to be that armour plates are bugged and players using them are too hard to kill.

Some people are even spawning in with armour plates already active, according to some players.

Too Much Armor

Saintt, a Call of Duty League coach expressed his concerns on Twitter too. He asked “Is there a glitch with the armor plates in this game? I just played a game where I was putting an entire clip in people from behind and not even breaking the plates“.

Armour plates were introduced in Warzone before being added to Vanguard, and now they seem to be plaguing the game’s multiplayer modes. Hopefully this is just an example of an early glitch – after all, the game only launched a few days ago. But if it isn’t, the developers certainly have a lot of explaining to do.

Here’s hoping the devs get on this quickly and make Vanguard a better experience for all players.

Have you experienced this glitch in Call of Duty: Vanguard? Let us know on our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Activision