Activision Will Ban You From Every Call Of Duty Game If You Cheat

Activision is bringing out the big guns to deal with hackers. The company is introducing new anti-cheat measures to ban offenders from every Call of Duty game at once. The Call of Duty series has always had cheaters. But now, it looks like Activision is finally committed to stomping them out for good. Players can … Read more

CoD: Vanguard’s Bugged Armour Plates Make You A Super Soldier

Call of Duty: Vanguard players were unhappy to find a glitch with the game’s armour plates recently. The Armour Plates field upgrade appears to be making players way harder to kill than they should. Call of Duty usually has pretty fast time-to-kill, so this was pretty jarring for some players. Many CoD players took to … Read more