Fallout 4: Here’s How Modders Are Dressing Their Characters And It’s Crazy

Ever get a little tired of Fallout 4’s armor and clothing selection? If so, mods have your back.

Whether you want to roam Boston in some nice Veteran Armor, or maybe in a more.. revealing piece, modders are giving you lots and lots of options. Some practical, some not so much, but they’re all guaranteed to add a little spice to your experience. And if that spice has 0 damage resistance, who cares as long as you look good!

Now, keep it in your pants. We aren’t peaking into nudity mods today. You also might recognize one or two.. or most of these costumes. Modders can’t help but add their favorite characters into a game like Fallout 4. Let’s take a look:


[Mod: NCR Ranger Veteran Armor]


[Photo: SBx82]


[Photo: nivea]


[Mod: Wearable Squire Outfit]


[Mod: Commonwealth shorts]


[Photo: Gabet347]


[Photo: Stiptikspec]


[Photo: invalidfate]


[Photo: tostikaas and KevinZiggy]

Keep in mind that all of these have been done without modding tools. Just through retexturing, which means once Bethesda releases their official tools, this side of the modding community is sure to go nuts with crazy costumes and looks. We can’t wait to cover what they end up making!