Capcom Releases Resident Evil Remake Screenshots

Capcom has announced that they are developing another remake for Resident Evil. Now you can view a few more screenshots from the upcoming game set to release in 2015.

The upcoming Resident Evil HD remake is a remastered edition from the original remake on the Nintendo Gamecube. Originally released in 1996, gamers can now relive the zombie pandemic or start off the series on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

A few changes has been announced within the next Resident Evil remake. First up is the “tank” controls. Now gamers can have more controls for navigating around like third-person titles out today. However, if you want to go old school or just play the game like how it was on the PlayStation then the standard “tank” control scheme is available within the options.

Another feature added within the game is the actual display. Now when your character walks off the screen, the camera will adjust so you can fully see yourself and surroundings.

Original PS1 Resident Evil