Lindsay Lohan’s GTA 5 Lawsuit is Just For Attention – Take-Two

Rockstar is no stranger in getting hit with countless lawsuits over their Grand Theft Auto video game series. One of the most press covered lawsuit has been Lindsay Lohan’s file claim. Though to Take-Two, Rockstar’s parent company, the lawsuit is nothing more than Lindsay Lohan trying to grab more attention.

The lawsuit from Lindsay Lohan claimed that Rockstar has stolen her likeness for the character Lacey Jonas. According to the court papers, seen by The Associated Press, Take-Two feels that Lindsay is looking for more attention and that the case should be dismissed but legal fees are responsible from the actress.

Take-Two went on record to further say that Rockstar didn’t still her likeness, voice or name. Instead, the only connection between Lindsay Lohan and the GTA V character Lacey Jonas has in common is that they are both young blonde women.