Capcom Finally Answers A 25 Year Long Mystery About Street Fighter 2

The Street Fighter series is filled with all sorts of characters. They range from a girl with thunder thighs that can spin like a helicopter upside down, to a United States military super soldier, among many others that would have you scratching your head.

However, two characters have been largely a mystery for the better part of 25 years. Ever since the arcade release of Street Fighter 2, fans have wondered about the two men fighting in the beginning of the game.

via Capcom (Max)

As it turns out, their names are simply Max and Scott. Yep, nothing fancy, just everyday names. Capcom has also put up official bios for each dude, in Japanese of course.

Being that Street Fighter 5 is set after Street Fighter 2, it does make sense that they would flesh out these two characters more, being they’ve been rather mysterious for so long. Also interestingly, Max seems to have been changed up a bit, while Scott looks basically exactly the same.

via Capcom (Scott)

Watch out for the Street Fighter 5 free story mode expansion coming in June. Check out the trailer below.

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