Call Of Duty Sales Are Down From Last Year

New sales data has shown that Call of Duty: Vanguard has struggled to do as well as previous games in the franchise.

The Call of Duty series is still going strong, with the most recent entry hitting the top of the UK charts. However, physical and digital sales are both down compared to the launch of last year’s game, Black Ops Cold War.

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Credit: Activision

According to, physical retail sales have dropped by 26%. Digital sales have also dropped by a substantial 44%. Despite being the second largest launch of the year after FIFA 22, this is still a big drop.

Why Are Sales Lower?

There are a few reasons to consider for this drop in sales. One is the arrival of Warzone, which is a free-to-play alternative for Call of Duty fans. It’s possible that some players are more interested in Warzone than they are in the annual releases.

Another reason is the World War II setting. It’s possible that fans see this as a tired setting for the games, and that they’d rather have something more modern or fresh. World War II-based CoD releases tend to do worse on average.

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Credit: Activision

There’s also the critical reception for Vanguard. Many critics feel it hasn’t done enough to advance the franchise, taking steps back in some cases. It’s up to you whether you agree, but it’s likely to have played a part in Vanguard’s launch.

Finally, competition from other titles like Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042 has been strong, and some people may have simply wanted something new this year.

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