Battlefield Portal XP Exploit Has Been Swiftly Disabled

DICE has disabled XP in custom Battlefield Portal matches after players found a way to exploit it and farm other players for quick gains.

Battlefield Portal is a new mode in Battlefield 2042. It allows players to play on classic Battlefield maps and tweak settings to create their own custom experience. However, players found a way to abuse these settings to farm XP.

How Does XP Farming Work?

It was possible to create a server where only certain players have guns, and everyone else who joins is essentially defenseless. The idea was that one team just has a few players while the other is full of bots for farming.

Battlefield 2042 & Portal Server Locations & "Premium Currency" Unearthed
Credit: EA/DICE

Once the small team was full, new players who join that server would end up on the bot’s team. The players with guns would mow down the unsuspecting new arrivals a bunch of times for easy XP gains.

Not everyone leaves, either. Some players challenge themselves to take down one of the farmers with their knife. However, Battlefield 2042’s knife combat isn’t exactly high quality, so more often than not they’d be killed on the spot.

DICE has temporarily disabled XP in custom Portal servers for now. It’s possible it might come out with a fix in order for players to enjoy custom Portal matches with regular XP progression, but we don’t know yet.

Until then, XP farmers will have to make do with the gains they’ve already made.

Did you unsuspectingly join an XP exploit farming server in Battlefield 2042? Let us know on our social media channels!

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Featured image credit: EA/DICE