Bungie Loves Microsoft and Sony Equally

Bungie became a household name thanks to the start of the Halo series. The very same series helped Microsoft tremendously with the Xbox and Xbox 360. Though now that Halo has a new home with 343 Industries, Bungie is bringing their next video game installment, Destiny to both Microsoft and Sony. Because Bungie is working with Sony doesn’t mean it hates Microsoft, the development team explains in their latest blog post.

The latest blog post within Bungie covers some fan questions. One of which goes straight to the throat by asking Bungie why they hate Xbox fans. Kinda of a low blow but some fans are generally wondering why the sudden turn to Sony after years with Microsoft.

Let’s further explain this turn. Destiny is coming to multiple consoles and will no longer be an exclusive development studio with Microsoft. Moreover, Bungie is giving PlayStation exclusive content for their systems. So is there bad blood between Microsoft and Bungie? Phil Spencer, head of Xbox stated no, so what’s Bungie’s statement? Read the following to see what Bungie stated about the question.

We don’t hate any of our fans. When we look at Bungie.net, we see gamers. We dare say that we see Bungie fans – although that might be assuming too much. Loving a good game and the hard-working developers who create it is not a console exclusive. This is one place where Guardians will truly be equal. You’ll each have a chance to become legend on this site. Our hope is that we can use this environment to talk about the amazing experiences we will all have in common. Bungie has embraced many different platforms in our storied history. We have a hard time sitting still. Our goal has been to create amazing worlds and fill them with as many passionate people as possible. What we would tell you is that, if you want to explore the world of Destiny, it was built with you in mind. We make games here at Bungie. We love the people who play them equally.

Bungie’s Destiny will be releasing on September 9, 2014 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.