Hideo Kojima Has Officially Left Konami, To Start His Own Game Studio

The legendary Hideo Kojima has decided to leave behind Komani and strike out on his own as of December 15th. He was formerly the Vice President of Konami Digital Entertainment, but his relationship with the publisher has been strained in recent months.


In October, Konami denied reports that Kojima was leaving and stated that he was still an employee, despite a report by The New Yorker that he had already left. In hindsight, the report makes a lot of sense because at the time, it was rumored that Hideo Kojima had a non-compete clause in his contract that was set to expire in December.

Fuel was added to the rumor-fire in April when Hideo Kojima’s highly-anticipated collaboration with Guillermo del Toro, Silent Hills, was cancelled.

The icing on the cake, and likely the last straw in the troubled relationship between Kojima and Konami, was when they released an updated version of the Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain box art and promotional materials without any mention of Hideo Kojima.


That was a huge slap in the face when you’ve dedicated the better part of your life to creating such a legendary IP.

Kojima is worshiped in gaming circles for his work on the Metal Gear series ranging from 1987 – 2015 which had him involved in over 30 titles. His style of storytelling, direction, and immersive game development are unrivaled.

“Storytelling is very difficult. But adding the flavour helps to relay the storytelling, meaning in a cut scene, with a set camera and effects, you can make the users feel sorrow, or make them happy or laugh.” – Hideo Kojima

It’s unclear exactly what the future holds for Hideo Kojima, but gaming fans can rejoice in knowing that he’ll have more control over his future endeavours with less corporate-pressure, and that he’ll be a lot happier in doing so – without having to work under the banner of a company that’s continuously disrespecting him and his accomplishments.


Word is that Sony is looking to get into business with Kojima. He is known to have a fondness for the company and it might come as no surprise if we see a collaboration announcement sooner than later.