Blizzard Entertainment Is Looking For A Creative Person For A ‘Secret Project’

If you’ve always dreamed of working in the gaming industry, then this job might be the one for you. The brain behind World of Warcraft, Diablo and Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment, is looking for a Creative Lead to join them for work on an upcoming ‘unannounced project’.

Intriguing, right?



The job description reads: “Blizzard Entertainment is seeking a talented and passionate Creative Lead to expand and lead development for multiple unannounced projects. As a Creative Lead, you will foster Blizzard’s core value of “Gameplay First” as you collaborate with art, design, engineering, sound, and production to rally around a consistent vision for the IP. Your influence will touch worldbuilding, story development, artistic tone, and more.”

This sounds like the best job ever. Although, there are several caveats for the ideal candidate.

For example, you have to have proven experience expanding and leading IP development and worldbuilding efforts for modern AAA titles. Plus you “will possess an exceptional ability to inspire large teams and pitch/evangelize ideas as part of a larger-scale creative framework. By blending your mastery of design and creative direction, you will rally and align teams around building epic, memorable experiences”.


There’s quite a few other requirements too, such as:

  • 6+ years of experience shipping AAA titles in design roles
  • Multiple shipped titles in a lead role with oversight of a design group or creative discipline
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate product vision and to align creative vision with internal partners and an intended market
  • Exceptional ability to conceptualize, pitch, and implement game concepts using various tools, technology, and visual language
  • Ability to direct, collaborate, and speak critically on story, art, and content development
  • Collaborative and progressive thinker capable of inspiring large teams toward a unified goal
  • Clear understanding of the creative and game development processes
  • A deep passion for and knowledge of Blizzard franchises.

Hmm. Okay I’m not suitable. But surely one of you lot is. Get applying here.

Featured image credit: Blizzard Entertainment