Blizzard apologizes after ‘accidentally’ making Mei look thinner in Overwatch due to this reason

Another day, another forced apology from Blizzard.

They’ve been apologizing for Overwatch before it was even released. It seems that no matter what Blizzard does, someone’s mad and Blizzard’s having to say sorry.


The latest example has to do with Mei, who recently got her Year of the Rooster skin and people were upset because she looked thinner when she took off her bulky coat.

Blizzard called it a bug:

mei bug

Can you believe it? Someone wearing a thin silk robe looks thinner than when they’re wearing a massive winter jacket.

“Fans love Overwatch, partly because the game’s diverse roster has been an inspiration to people of all outlooks, shapes and sizes.” said Kotaku…

But most fans love Overwatch because it’s fun to play, full stop.

It’s always a good day when people are getting outraged over something like this, because it means there’s nothing worse going on for them to get upset over instead.

Here’s what Mei looks like in the art from the Overwatch collector’s edition (without her parka): 

Here’s what Mei looks like in the art from the Overwatch collector’s edition (without her parka): 

mei blizz

This is a cartoon character in a game filled with characters that have absolutely unrealistic shapes and sizes. If you found yourself demanding that Blizzard apologize for this, take a moment to appreciate how easy and privileged your life is.

How many of these characters look realistic? 


Here’s how the internet is reacting: 

“Her waist does indeed look whack.” – Kotaku

“I’m a pretty skinny person and even I look big wearing a thick winter jacket. Winter jackets in general aren’t flattering on someone’s body. Look at people who all go snowboarding.” – captainecho

“Yeah, because Overwatch having nonsensical proportions and anatomy is a brand new concept. I forgot how normal looking Roadhog looks.” – H-Hero

“Sometimes the gaming community is ridiculous I’m getting too old. Back in my day we we debating whether Manhunt was too over the top, now we’re debating clothes” – slvc