Bethesda’s Pete Hines Defends Fallout 4 Season Pass Price Rise, Reveals More DLC Details

The long awaited DLC plans of Fallout 4 has been revealed at last by Bethesda.This is going to be the largest DLC Bethesda have ever made for any game till date.

Bethesda, however has increased the price of the Season Pass which will be in effect from March 1.

People who have bought the Season Pass at $30 will not require to pay more money and the others will also have a chance of purchasing it for the same price for the remainder of February.


This decision made a lot of people unhappy and some of them took to Twitter to protest. Bethesda’s Pete Hines replied to a few of such tweets and revealed some important facts about Bethesda’s plans on the DLC and the Season Pass.


He replied to a fan who was complaining about the price increase –

“If you already have the Season Pass, you get everything (at no increased cost). If you don’t, you have weeks to get it for $30,” replied Hines to another fan.

“The additional DLC after these three will be what brings the total to at least $60,” he mentioned about the unannounced DLC and how one can buy the DLC individually. He added, “You’re free to buy the DLC individually if you don’t like the Season Pass price.”


Some fans questioned about how the DLC would be and he replied, “It doesn’t matter (if you haven’t completed the story). It adds into your existing experience regardless of where you are, and what you’ve done.”


Hines also replied to a fan that he had no idea when the beta testers for the DLC will be announced.


Do you think Bethesda is justified in increasing the price for the Season Pass in return of promising to roll out more content? Let us know below –