Battlefield 2042 Will Use Bots To FIll Out Empty Servers

Battlefield 2042 will fill out empty server slots with AI so that your matches are never empty.

A bunch of DICE developers recently took part in a developer Q&A regarding the upcoming Battlefield shooter.

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One of the topics discussed was the introduction of AI to the series. Battlefield 2042 is pitched as a multiplayer-only affair – there’s no single player experience to be found here. As such, it’s imperative that players are always able to find a match.


Bots will be used in a few different ways in Battlefield 2042. In multiplayer, they’ll be used to fill out empty server slots so that games will always appear full. Given the huge size of the maps in this Battlefield, it makes sense that DICE would want servers to be fully populated at all times.

Battlefield veterans will know the pain of loading into a server only to find it’s just you and a couple of other lonely gamers. Populating the server with bots should alleviate that pain for those who can only play at off-peak times or who live in low-populated areas.

Credit: EA/DICE

It’s not just Robo-Dogs controlled by AI in Battlefield 2042!

In addition, bots will also be used to add a co-op and solo mode to Battlefield 2042. It’s not quite the same experience as the full-on co-op campaign that was included with Battlefield 3, but it sounds a decent enough experience if you just want to chill with a few mates without the threat of pro-tier opponents.


This is a pessimistic way of looking at it, but adding bots should also help to preserve Battlefield 2042’s longevity. In the past, Battlefield Hardline has struggled to maintain a consistent player base. As such, it’s barely playable nowadays with only a select few servers still online.

Battlefield 2042 Trailer
Credit: EA/DICE

If Battlefield 2042 doesn’t take off quite as well as DICE hopes, AI bots should at least keep the game playable for a long time to come.

Other developers have also adopted the AI approach for their online services. More recently, Destruction AllStars received an update which added bot opponents to matches.

Credit: EA/DICE

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