Battlefield 2042 PC Video Shows Off New Features

EA has published a new video showcasing Battlefield 2042 on PC, highlighting various new features on the platform.

Nvidia, which has partnered with EA for Battlefield 2042, has promised its customers will get the best experience on PC. Features like DLSS and ray tracing were shown in the video, along with “Nvidia Reflex”. This is a new feature designed to make mouse aiming more responsive and reduce latency.

However, the video didn’t do a perfect job of showing off the PC version of Battlefield 2042. In one segment of it, a helicopter is chasing a vehicle down a moonlit road. The footage looks pretty choppy, no pun intended, with what looks like a low frame rate.

YouTube video

It’s a little strange that EA decided to keep this footage in for the trailer. This could simply be an accurate representation of the game, or it could be something to do with how the trailer was made. Thankfully the rest of the content looked pretty smooth and high-quality.

Battlefield on PC

Nvidia said that PC players will get “a Battlefield 2042 experience like no other”, because “a PC allows you to enjoy higher detail levels, uncapped frame rates, and gameplay enhanced by variable refresh rate G-SYNC monitors, TVs and displays”.

Battlefield 2042 comes out on November 19th. Recently, DICE reassured fans that features missing from the game’s beta will be there in the final game. They also showed off some new maps and specialists which will playable at launch.

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Featured Image Credit: EA/DICE