Battlefield 1 features the smallest gun ever in a videogame and it’s ridiculous to use

Players are already busy shuffling through the weapons in Battlefield 1 after the game’s EA Access trial began yesterday. The fans have discovered a surprising World War 1 weapon in the game.

The weapon named ‘Kolibri‘ has been the talking point among the players who have been playing the early access trial. ‘Kolibri’ is a German term for ‘Hummingbird’ and it is the smallest pistol ever made. Only 1,000 versions of the gun was produced at the time of World War 1.


The bullet of the gun is very small and can move at a speed of 650 feet per second. Although the pistol is not that powerful, it is enough to down someone when you shoot a few bullets into them.

The gun has also been recorded in action and it’s even weirder to watch in motion than read about it. We’ve the footage right here and it’s crazy to think this was actually used during the war.

Check out the video below and as you can see, you can actually kill people using it although it seems to take quite a bit of effort to do it.

Battlefield 1 is scheduled to release for for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 21. The Early Enlister edition owners will get their copy of the game on October 18.