No More Ban in China for Foreign Game Consoles

China has lifted the 14 years old ban on foreign game consoles for a limited time period which allows giants like Sony and other companies to enter this enormous market.

This temporary suspension of ban allows “foreign-invested enterprises” to make consoles within Shanghai’s free trade zone and sell them within China with a legal approval by the government.

Andrew House, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment said in an interview with Eurogamer, “Through the course of the PS3 life cycle we have in essence opened up new markets globally that weren’t open to us before. Latin America wasn’t a serious market for console gaming. It certainly is now. We’re seeing signs that, finally, China may open up, with the Free Trade Zone being established in Shanghai and the opportunity now to sell consoles in that market.”

The news is a welcome change for PlayStation 4 and other consoles. Feel free to share your thoughts regarding the same below.