Rockstar confirms GTA Online will get massive updates in 2017

Rockstar has finally confirmed that the multiplayer version of Grand Theft Auto V will keep receiving regular updates despite their team working on Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar has done pretty well in the last three years to release regular updates for the immensely popular game. There was a lot uncertainty about the future updates of the game because … Read more

11 year old kid used Dragon Ball Z to survive near fatal bee attack

An 11 year old boy named Andrew Kunz survived a horrific bee attack by channeling Vegeta. Andrew was finally admitted to intensive care after being stung by 400 bees. Gila Valley Central reported that Andrew and a couple of his friends were shooting BB guns at an old car. They  had no idea that the car … Read more

Here’s how long it actually takes to beat Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn was always expected to be a big game and it seems like the game has been able to live up to the expectations size wise. As the game is nearing its release date, the media coverage has increased and therefore, making it easier for us to confirm that the game is enormous. If we … Read more

Twitch Streamer Dies During 24 Hour Marathon Charity Livestream

Brian “Poshybrid” Vigneault, a World of Tanks streamer, passed away on February 19 after streaming for 22 hours. The cause for the death, for the father of three, is unknown but might be related to heart issues that emerged due to severe sleep deprivation. One vital fact is that the streamer carried out multiple 20 odd … Read more

Overwatch players are using this exploit to get unreal rankings in the game

There has been reports that Overwatch players hailing from low density regions are making the use of the competitive matchmaking system of the game to get better win rates and unreal rankings. This is currently one of the most discussed Overwatch topics on Reddit and forums and the Brazilian players are guilty of doing this the most. … Read more

PS4 Boost Mode Performance – Worst Running PS4/Pro Games List

Image: Just Push Start The PS4 Pro Boost Mode is currently in its beta stages and is available to the beta users of PS4’s upcoming firmware update 4.50. The Boost mode however has more adverse affects than positive till this point. Some of the games are reported to have been affected by the PS4 Pro Boost Mode performance, … Read more