Assassin’s Creed universe not to end yet – Ubisoft

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’s lead writer has now cleared up doubts about whether Ubisoft has decided to end this historical adventure series or not.

Darby McDevitt spoke to EDGE regarding this confusion and what is Ubisoft’s vision is for the future of the series.

McDevitt said, “The end of the Desmond trilogy changed slightly but it was always intended to end that way. And then about two years ago we planned for another story – there’s been a bit of confusion in that [Black Flag game director Ashraf Ismail] once said that Assassin’s Creed has an ending – that’s not exactly true. This storyline has an ending, but because all of history is open to us we see the universe as a Doctor Who type thing. There are so many possibilities we don’t want to definitively end the universe, but we can have storylines that have endings. We’ve moved on from specifically defining when a story will end.”

McDevitt also added that Black Flag is definitely a crossfade between the old series and a new one, which does point out for a sequel in this new series and we guess it will emerge in the coming months.

Ubisoft has already hinted ideas of Japan or Victorian London being the possible future settings in the game series. We’ll keep you posted for any confirmed news.

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