Assassins Creed Unity preview

Assassins Creed Unity is the first installment of the series that is only on the next generation consoles. Assassin Creed Unity wont only be an amazing game but it will have plenty of historical events such as, the storming of the Bastille, which is what set everything off and you will get to participate in all of this, and many people believe this may be the best game out of the assassins creed saga. Despite the fact multiplayer will still be in the game Ubisoft have at long last implemented fully functioning co op.

Its incredibly smooth and doesn’t affect the flow of the game since the original game the series has evolved massively from a small game in which you assassinate Templars, to a large series with countless conspiracy’s.

Assassins Creed Unity sees the immense country of France into a desolate wasteland commanded by revolutionary foes. All the things that I have seen so far, Assasins Creed Unity is the most intresting and realistic Assassin’s Creed game to date. There are enormous crowds that gather together and relentlessly fight you throughout the story. Assassins Creed Unity is being very secretive despite the fact it is releasing very soon. Fingers crossed that we will get some more info very soon.