A Useless Fallout 4 Quest Finally Pays Off Thanks To Far Harbor DLC

Traveling the ruins of South Boston, you may come across a guy named Parker Quinn. He attempts to sell you a “charge card”, which he claims to be a new currency to replace caps. If you’re anything like me, you tell him to f*ck off with his scam, and maybe even shoot him in the face and take the charge card that way.

After having it, either through bargaining or mindless murder, you’ll soon find out that no one in the Commonwealth will accept it. If you spent caps on this thing, now you feel like you’ve been duped. If you killed him and took it, you may actually feel good about yourself for killing some con artist.

via Bethesda

But, Bethesda then releases Fallout 4’s newest and biggest expansion, Far Harbor today. And in it, wouldn’t you know, is some guy that accepts Quinn’s charge card. It’s funny how the tables have flipped, now being you may feel good that you invested in the card, and rather crappy if you killed the man for proposing the idea.


If you haven’t yet, I highly suggest jumping into Far Harbor as soon as you have the chance. It’s full of new gear, enemies, allies, and of course, a whole new area to explore. Oh, and pretty much everyone on the island has a no-bullshit policy, which makes for some fun conversations and head exploding via your closest firearm when shit hits the fan.

via Bethesda

It’s a small, yet fun Easter Egg Bethesda threw in Far Harbor, probably to see who was paying attention during the main game. Stay tuned to Fraghero for our review of Far Harbor in the coming days.