A Quake Reboot Might Be In The Works At Id Software

A reboot of Quake is rumoured to be in development at Bethesda’s Id Software [via GameByte].

That’s according to ‘Shpeshal_Nick’ of the XboxEra Podcast. They have received a tip off that Id Software is working on a brand new Quake game featuring both single and multiplayer modes.

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According to the tip-off, a few developers under the Bethesda umbrella are involved in the project, including MachineGames. That’s the studio currently hard at work on the Indiana Jones game and which rebooted the Wolfenstein shooters.


Allegedly, this new Quake will feature a female protagonist for the accompanying single player mode.

On June 28th, a game titled “Project2021B” from Id Software was rated as M for Mature on the Australian ratings board. The listing mentions that the game utilises online interactivity, indicating that it could be a multiplayer game.

If the rumours point towards true, a reboot of the Quake franchise makes sense – especially after Id’s success with rebooting the DOOM series. Where the original DOOM revolutionised the single-player shooter genre, Quake did the same for the multiplayer scene.

Credit: Id Software


The Quake series is in a strange place after Bethesda attempted to reboot it in 2017 to little success. Quake Champions structured the arena-style gameplay around a hero-based model. The result was a fun nostalgia trip, but nothing that would catch on with mainstream audiences. While it still hasn’t left Early Access, Quake Champions is currently sitting at less than a player average of less than 500 on Steam.

Credit: Bethesda

Bethesda’s QuakeCon event is scheduled to return later this year after taking a year off in 2020 due to the pandemic. With the ratings board listing the project as “2021B”, it’s possible that an announcement could be coming this summer. This year does mark the 25th anniversary of the original Quake release in 1996, after all!

Both Id and MachineGames have proven themselves as perfect custodians of shooter franchises. Both DOOM and Wolfenstein have had their time in the reboot limelight – now it’s time for Quake to see some of that love.


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Featured Image Credit: Id Software