A Fix Is Coming For The Blinding Lens Flares In ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’

A fix is apparently on the way for the irritating lens flares that are blinding Warzone players on Verdansk ‘84.

The lead Warrzone VFX artist, Reed S., has shared an article from Dexerto that highlights an issue caused by overly bright lens flares in the Call of Duty BR. Some players think that the bright light emitted from the sun often hinders them in gunfights.

Reed shared their thoughts on the topic, saying that they were unaware this was becoming an issue for players. They clarify that the lens flares can be toned down if needed.


In a follow-up tweet, the developer says that the lens flares are exactly what they’ll be working on when work resumes on Monday (that’s today!).

Though Reed says that they’ll take a look at the lens flares in Warzone, he tempers player expectations. “I don’t have the power to change the entire lighting of the map, though,” Reed says. They clarify that all feedback is welcome and that lighting specifics should be sent directly to Raven Software.

Credit: Activision
Credit: Activision

The Warzone lens flares won’t be gone entirely…

In terms of exactly how the lens flares will be adjusted, it seems that the intention is to reduce their onscreen brightness. That includes the rays drawn from the top of buildings and reflected in the dirt filter placed over the camera lens.

Reed doesn’t have the capability to alter the lighting haziness, god rays, or the actual brightness of the sun. Bigger changes like that are likely baked into the map itself and would require a much larger overhaul to change.

Still, it’s always good to hear that a developer is listening to feedback, especially on a game as huge as Warzone. 

The developers at Raven Software are usually fairly open about the fixes that they’re working on. Last week, they added the pesky ‘under the map’ glitch to their notice board of fixes. The bug has enabled cheaters to sit undetectable beneath the map while wiping out teams from below.

Credit: Activision

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[Featured Image Credit: Activision]

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