5 Things You Should Do In The Halo Infinite Campaign

The Halo Infinite campaign is finally out, and players have been exploring every nook and cranny of the Zeta Halo as Master Chief.

There’s a lot to do on the ring, including some things you might not have thought of. Here’s a list of five things you should try in the Halo Infinite campaign.

Load Up A Razorback With Marines

Halo Infinite concept art reveals new Razorback vehicle design and Brute  brothers
Credit: 343 Industries

Razorbacks are probably the most fun vehicles in Halo Infinite. You can get a squad of marines in one, then roll out and shred anything in your path. The marines have some great dialogue and make the task of taking out the Banished feel more like a war effort.


You can also equip your marines with stronger weaponry, such as Skewers or Sentinel Beams. This turns the Razorback into a total death machine, destroying pretty much anything in its path instantly. Just watch out for explosives or cliffs.

Find The Mjolnir Lockers

There are lots of collectibles in Halo Infinite, including audio logs, skulls and equipment upgrades. However, only one actually has a use outside of the campaign. Mjolnir lockers unlock cosmetics to use in Halo Infinite multiplayer.

You don’t get any actual armour pieces, unfortunately, but you do get coatings, charms and emblems. Still, it’s nice to have some actual cosmetic rewards scattered across the world, and they’re fun to collect. You can unlock skins for your Mark VII armour core as well as weapons and vehicles.


Climb The Tower

Halo Infinite Tower collectibles guide - Polygon
Credit: 343 Industries

Soon after you arrive on Zeta Halo, you’re given a mission in The Tower. This is where the elite torturer Chak’Lok likes to hang out and do evil things. However, you might have missed the fact that you can actually climb the outside of the structure and reach the roof.

If you haven’t unlocked the Wasp or found a Banshee, you’ll have to utilise the grappling hook. It might take some practice but before long you should be able to swing around on top of the tower, and you’ll be treated to a couple of nice surprises.


Best Easter Egg of the year? 🤔 ##Halo ##HaloInfinite ##343 ##EasterEgg ##CraigTheGrunt

♬ Getting Mishy 3b-JP – Wolf Dick

Listen To Banished Propaganda

Halo Infinite follows the trend of introducing “propaganda towers” that you can destroy in the game world. However, unlike most efforts, the Halo ones are actually very fun and creative.


A Grunt is manning the communications for these towers, and pretty much every word out of its mouth is gold. From criticising you for not beating the game on Legendary to questioning why the Banished are so afraid of a guy named “John”, the propaganda towers make for a nice comedic break from the action. Of course, you’ll need to destroy them all to 100% complete the game, which is honestly a bit of a shame. I guess that Grunt will be needing a new job.

Climb The Highest Mountains

Halo Infinite is set on Zeta Halo Installation 07, 343 confirms |  GamesRadar+
Credit: 343 Industries

There are lots of tall mountainous areas in Halo Infinite, Many of them have secrets on the way up, and you can even get an achievement for climbing to the top of them. It’s called “Nosebleed” and you get it by visiting the best possible view.

It’s not essential that you do this, but if you do you’re often treated to a gorgeous vistas with some really nice music. Definitely give it a try if you find yourself off the beaten path.


What are your favourite things to do in the Halo Infinite campaign? Let us know on social media!

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[Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries]