5 Best Guns In Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Halo Infinite multiplayer has been released, and players can finally get their hands on all of the game’s weapons.

However, there’s a lot of new stuff to play with, and it might not be obvious which guns are worth using over others. Some of the new ones are great, while others leave a lot to be desired.

This list will detail the 5 best guns in the game currently, and why you should probably pick them up when you can. (Note: this doesn’t include the Energy Sword or Gravity Hammer, but those are great too)


S7 Sniper

S7 Sniper Rifle - Halo Infinite Wiki Guide - IGN
Credit: 343 Industries

This one’s fairly obvious – the sniper is a classic Halo weapon and it’s been top tier for generations. As one of the OG power weapons, the sniper is always worth going for.

It might be hard to get used to the new version in Infinite, though. Aiming is a bit harder with the sniper than some past entries.

Still, it’s never a bad weapon to use, especially when it means keeping it away from your opponent. It’s essential for locking down areas and one-tapping opponents. And if you’re skilled enough you can always go for a cheeky no-scope.



Halo Infinite: Every Weapon & Vehicle Revealed So Far
Credit: 343 Industries

The Skewer is a new weapon which fills a similar role to the S7 Sniper, but it has a twist. The Skewer is a one-shot kill regardless of where you hit your opponent. That means you can shoot them in the toe and they’ll still get taken out.

The Skewer is harder to aim though, and it doesn’t have as much ammo as a sniper. That doesn’t mean it’s not top tier though. The Skewer is simply unstoppable in the hands of a good player.

In Big Team Battle it’s even more of a menace, absolutely destroying vehicles in just one or two shots. Well worth picking up whenever you see it.



YHMAH: Halo Infinite's second flight features some truly incredible texture  work. - XboxEra
Credit: 343 Industries

The rocket launcher, or the M41 SPNKR, is another classic Halo power weapon. It’s not hard to see why this thing makes the list. It’s a one-shot kill on anyone caught within enough of its large blast, and it wrecks vehicles too.

Most arena games will see people fighting over this weapon from the start, because it’s essential for controlling the map and gaining an advantage. It won’t come with too much ammo, but that’s ok. You can do a lot with what it has and it doesn’t really have much counter-play.

Battle Rifle

Get to customizing with weapon coating skins and charms in Halo Infinite |  Ultimatepocket
Credit: 343 Industries

The Battle Rifle is a Halo staple. This gun has been the go-to weapon for many players, and that remains the same in Halo Infinite. It isn’t as essential as it once was – Assault Rifles and the Sidekick pistol are both perfectly usable as core weapons. That doesn’t stop it being a great weapon though.


It’s the standard weapon for ranked matches, and you can shred people in just 4 bursts with it. It’s great at any range, and it just feels good to use. After the Commando’s nerf after the technical flights, this is easily the best common precision weapon in the game.

Shock Rifle

Halo Infinite Multiplayer: All Weapons List - Xbox News
Credit: 343 Industries

This one’s a bit more of a niche pick, but I believe the Shock Rifle might end up being a sleeper pick in Halo Infinite.

I wouldn’t totally disagree with people who thought something like the Cindershot, Bulldog or Heatwave deserved to be here. However, for me, the Shock Rifle has the most potential to be a game-changer in the right hands.


It can work as a powerful sniper with the potential for one-shot kills, but it also has utility with shock chains and vehicle EMPs. It’s strong in Big Team Battle as it disables vehicles in two shots and nails enemies from long distances. In arena, it might not be top tier, but it could end up surprising people with its strength. Keep an eye on this one.

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