4chan have a plan to get Logan And Jake Paul Arrested

A 4chan post urging people to report YouTuber brothers Logan and Jake Paul has been making the rounds on social media, declaring that in one of their videos the two men were filmed doing illegal activity and that they should be ‘punished for it’.

While the boys already ‘apparently’ were arrested in their Italian trip, which is where the video in question takes place in, it was reportedly over a drone according to the guys, while these 4chan vigilantes have declared that the actual illegal crime taking place is the moment they jumped into a canal and started swimming.


The post says: “Subject matter jurisdiction and International criminal law means as a US citizen you can be charged for crimes that illegal in other countries[sic]”

They then include the websites needed to ‘report the official crime’ and state: “If they get enough reports they may look into their channels and see all the OTHER illegal sh*t they’ve done everywhere and make a point out of them.”

Since the 4chan post was uploaded to Reddit, it’s had quite a bit of attention, with many people urging others to join in and in their words, ‘give the Paul’s what they deserve’.

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One user wrote: “You know what? I’m down for this. Normally I think doxxing and doing real life damage to someone because of what they did online is horrible but… Logan Paul, he’s done horrible things IRL that he just happened to post online. So if he’s got video evidence of himself breaking laws, I say go for it.

“Knowing what I know about the legal system though… they will just pay a fine and move on with their rich asses. We have a system of justice that makes things illegal only if you aren’t rich enough to afford a lawyer to negotiate your punishment down to a fee.”

Another person commented: “One of my students can’t afford his own school lunch yet wears his Jake Paul backpack and Jake Paul #MERCH everyday to class. The Paul brothers have us in check mate.”

A third wrote: “I like the idea of some government agent having to watch all of the content on their channels.”